Costume DIY Guide

All costumes and gear from your favorite movies and TV shows


  • The Daredevil

    Costume Mask The best replica of netflix’s daredevil mask. Available in black too. — Link automatically redirects to your country’s store — Buy on Amazon Outfit The replica of Daredevil’s costume Buy on Amazon Outfit Textile The red textile used for the costume looks a lot like Protech’s carbon fiber/kevlar fabric. Quite expensive but definitely […]

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  • Matt Murdock

    Glasses Matt Murdock’s glasses are custom made for the show, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere. However, these are very well made replicas at an affordable price ! Buy on Amazon Blind Stick Matt’s useless blind stick to keep up with the appearances. As Mrs Gao says “it is the clever man […]

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  • The Masked Man

    Mask Fabric A dark see through fabric made of nylon and spandex (for elasticity). To make the mask, just cut out a band and make a knot behind your head ! — Link automatically redirects to your country’s store — Check Price Black Combat shirt The exact “Masked Man” compression black shirt. — Link automatically […]

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