Costume DIY Guide

All costumes and gear from your favorite movies and TV shows


  • Declan Harp

    Jason Momoa portrays Declan Harp in the Frontier TV show. The show narrates the battle for wealth and power in 18th century Canada fur trade. Check out the trailer to learn more about the movie: Declan Harp, portrayed by Jason Momoa, is one of the main characters of the show, he is a part-Irish/part-native outlaw […]

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  • John Smith (The Man in the High Castle)

    Rufus Sewell portrays Obergruppenf├╝hrer John Smith in The Man in the High Castle TV show. The series is set in an alternate history of North America. Where Nazis won the second world war. John Smith is one of the main villains and protagonists of the show, he is a ruthless guard dogs of the Nazi […]

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