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The Punisher
Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey)
Owen Grady
Peter Parker (Spiderman Homecoming)
Michael Myers
Officer K (Blade Runner 2049)
The Masked Man
Peter Parker (Spiderman Far From Home)
Elliot Alderson
Larry Trainor / Negative Man

The best source of information to get everything you need for your cosplay

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Fat Thor

Thor, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in Avengers: End Game, has turned into an overweight, drunken ruler of the Asgard's refugees in Tønsberg, Norway. In Avengers: End Game, there's such a drastic character change that it makes the cosplay that much more interesting. Chris Hemsworth nicknamed himself "Lebowski" Thor during the making of the movie. Check […]

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Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey)

Margot Robbie portrays Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, the follow-up spin-off to the 2016 film Suicide Squad. In Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord, Roman Sionis. Check out the […]

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Dustin (Stranger Things Season 3)

Dustin is one of the protagonists in the Netflix TV show Stranger Things. The show is set in a small town in the 80s where everyone knows everyone, but a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance of one of the protagonists. In Season 3 of Stranger Things, strange power […]

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Trish Walker (Hellcat)

In the season 3 of Jessica Jones, the private investigator and Trish crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath but they must repair their fractured relationship and team up to take him down. Check out the trailer to learn more about the show: Trish Walker, portrayed by Rachael Taylor, is a private investigator in New […]

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Dora the Explorer

Dora, portrayed by Isabela Moner, is the main character in the Dora the Explorer movie: Dora and The Lost City of Gold. She's a teenage explorer who leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold. Check out this trailer to learn more about […]

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Carat Thief

The Carat Thief, also known as the "Bunny outfit", is a skin for the specialist Firebreak released during the Operation Heist update. Krystof "Firebreak" Hejek is a battlefield problem solver; armed with a powerful arsenal of weaponry, he effectively resolves numerous issues over and over again using his favorite tool, fire. Usually calm and dispassionate, […]

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Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson, portrayed by Brenton Thwaines, also known as the vigilante Robin, is a detective for the Detroit PD. In the TV series TITANS, Dick becomes entwined in a plot to use a girl overpowered by her powers, Rachel Roth, to bring about the apocalypse. Check out the trailer to learn more about the series: […]

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Larry Trainor / Negative Man

Larry Trainor / Negative Man, portrayed by Matt Bomer (and Matthew Zuk), is a member of the Doom Patrol and former pilot, who crashed into negative energy and is now wrapped in bandages from head to toe. Check out the trailer to learn more about the series: So if you want to dress like Negative […]

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Deacon St. John

Deacon St. John is the player controlled protagonist in Days Gone. A game set in a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. Deacon is a former outlaw-turned drifter and bounty hunter who's searching a reason to live. Check out the trailer to learn more about the game: If you're looking for a costume guide to dress or cosplay like […]

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