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  • X-23 (Logan movie)

    Laura Kinney also known as X-23 is the Wolverine female clone in the Logan movie. She is played by Dafne Keen, an eleven years old actress. So this guide is preferably for a little girl’s costume, otherwise you might get looked strangely…Check out our complete guide to dress like X-23 in the Logan movie: Complete […]

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  • Wolverine (Logan Movie)

    Wolverine in the Logan movie is getting old and his healing factor is failing, but with his full grown beard and multiple scars he has an unparalleled style. His new appearance is so cool, you might want to dress like Logan interpreted by Hugh Jackman and this is why we prepared this full guide.Check out […]

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  • Donald Pierce (Logan Movie)

    Donald Pierce is a supervillain cyborg¬†portrayed by Boyd Holbrook in the Logan (wolverine) movie. He is a genocidal mutant hater and has found true-life meaning in killing all of them. His style is as badass as his viciousness, so if you want to dress like Donald Pierce you got pretty good taste.Check out our complete […]

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  • Caliban (Logan Movie)

    Caliban is a mutant played by Stephen Merchant in the Logan (wolverine) movie. He has the ability to sense and track other mutants. He has a very distinguished style with vintage accents.Check out our complete guide to dress like Caliban in the Logan (wolverine) movie: Complete Caliban Costume Guide¬† Extremely pale skin is probably the […]

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