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21+ Best Dog Costumes + Owner matching costume ideas

Topical: Easter Costume Easter Dress Costume - Bunny Costume   We heard you're looking for

21+ Best Dog Costumes + Owner matching costume ideas

Topical: Easter Costume

Easter Dress Costume - Bunny Costume


We heard you're looking for the best costumes for dogs and their owners. And that's pretty smart, you figured your dog is funnier than you anyways so why not bring him to the party, right ?

Here's a list of 20 unusual and funny dog costumes that are already great by themselves ! But we decided to add a matching owner costume and save you some time scouring through all the atrocities humans can create.

So here are listed the 20 best dog and owner costumes combination on the internet ! Check them out:


Predator and Prey


Don’t know what you want to be for the costume party? Hakuna Matata (it means no worries) we’ve got you covered! With just a few quick stripes transform yourself into a zebra but be careful at the watering hole, your dog as a lion may be ready to pounce!
Your pooch will surely be king of the jungle and star of the night! He’ll make sure you two get the lion’s share of attention. Experience the circle of life and laugh in the face of danger at your next costume party. But make sure your lion gets fed that night...just in case.


Lion Dog Costume - zebra Costume

Trump and a Mexican costume

Play your Trump card and Make America Great Again this year with your President Trump costume. Your dog will make the cutest little Mexican detainee so you can keep him on a leash and make sure he doesn’t get up to no good.
If you need to, you can always have your pooch deported to the other side of the dog wall. That will free your tiny hands up to tweet the night away!


Mexican Dog Costume  - Trump Mask

Baby and Teddybear

Need a quick and easy costume this year? Don’t worry baby, we’ve got you covered. This costume will be so easy even a baby can do it….and by baby, we mean you!
Grab your blankie and bottle and cuddle up to your favorite teddy bear this year, your dog. Having the best costume this year will be like child’s play. Costumes should always be this cozy.


teddybear Dog Costume baby Costume

Rasta and Blunt

Time to get blunt-- costume parties don’t have to be something to dread. You’ll look smoking hot this year when you show up dressed as a giant joint. And when it’s time to roll on over to the party, bring the one in your life that loves grass the most, your dog.

Your pup will be the cutest smoking buddy you’ve ever had when he’s rocking dreads and dressed like a Rastafarian. You two will light up any party.


Rasta Dog Costume Blunt Costume

Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer

Put on your pokemon trainer costume and get ready for the ultimate Pokemon battle. You don’t have to catch ‘em all, you only need one to lead you to victory! So why not choose the one you’ve already spent your life training?
Your dog will make the perfect Pikachu! Together you two will surely defeat your opponents for best costume this year.


Pikachu Dog Costume Pokemon Trainer Costume

Cowboy Duo costume

Yeehaw !

Cowboy Dog Costume - Inflatable Horse

Robin and Batman

Robin has always been Batman's pet anyways. You won't even need Alfred's technical assistance with Robin at your side, he'll track your enemies and put them into submission so you can catch them and be the hero of the night.
Gotham needs you Batman.

Robin Dog Costume - Batman Costume

R2D2 and C3P0


If you're bossy and have a love/hate relationship with your doggy, this costume is definitely for you. And this video too.

R2D2 Dog Costume C3P0 Costume

Ghostbuster Duo


Dressing up for Halloween and asking for treats ? You have to ask about the Twinkie.
Distributing treats instead ? You know what to do.

Ghostbuster Dog Costume Ghostbuster Costume


Minion and Gru (Despicable Me)


When you know your dog is a way better being than you. This costume gets even better if you have multiple dogs.

Minion Dog Costume Gru Costume

Where's Waldo Duo

Do you have to go to a party but hate parties ? Do you know what's the best way to hide ? That's right. In plain sight. They'll never find you and your buddy, nobody ever finds Waldo. Just don't commit any crimes.

Waldo Dog Costume Waldo Costume

Bimbo Duo

You and your pet will have taste at a bimbo's life. Doggie will be offered infinite amounts of bones, and you won't be able to stop people pouring you champagne. What's not to love ?

Bimbo Dog Costume Bimbo Costume

Raphael and Donatello (Teenage Mutant Turtles)

If you're a pizza lover and your dog is the team's bad boy. Just look at him, he looks like a total badass.
This costume gets even better if you have 2 more dogs (dressed as Michelangelo and Leonardo).

Raphael Dog Costume Donatello Costume

Spock and Crew Member (Star Trek)

Let's face it, you don't know how to do the Vulcan salute. You know who's the real boss.

Spock Dog Costume Crew Member Costume

Police and Prisoner


I'm sure everyone would love to watch you try and escape the police now.

Police Dog Costume Inmate Costume

Spiderman and Venom


Setup a Marvels fan meetup and tell them you'll organize a fight between Spiderman and Venom. Have them bet for the winner, dress up and fight. Easy money. Share it with Spidey though, he earned it too.

Spiderman Dog Costume Venom Costume

King and Queen

King Dog Costume Queen Costume

Freddy Krueger and Jason


Freddy Dog Costume Jason Costume

Mario and Peach (or Luigi)


Mario Dog Costume Peach Costume Luigi Costume

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