Costume DIY Guide

All costumes and gear from your favorite movies and TV shows


  • Doctor Strange

    Dr. Strange is surgeon who lost the ability to operate and then became Sorcerer Supreme, master of the Mystic arts and guardian of this realm of existence on his quest for enlightenment.His style and aura are majestic so we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to dress like Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.If you want to […]

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  • Wolverine (Logan Movie)

    Wolverine in the Logan movie is getting old and his healing factor is failing, but with his full grown beard and multiple scars he has an unparalleled style. His new appearance is so cool, you might want to dress like Logan interpreted by Hugh Jackman and this is why we prepared this full guide.Check out […]

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  • Donald Pierce (Logan Movie)

    Donald Pierce is a supervillain cyborg portrayed by Boyd Holbrook in the Logan (wolverine) movie. He is a genocidal mutant hater and has found true-life meaning in killing all of them. His style is as badass as his viciousness, so if you want to dress like Donald Pierce you got pretty good taste.Check out our complete […]

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  • Caliban (Logan Movie)

    Caliban is a mutant played by Stephen Merchant in the Logan (wolverine) movie. He has the ability to sense and track other mutants. He has a very distinguished style with vintage accents.Check out our complete guide to dress like Caliban in the Logan (wolverine) movie: Complete Caliban Costume Guide  Extremely pale skin is probably the […]

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  • The Punisher

    Frank Castle is a ruthless vigilante known as “the Punisher”. He appears in the tv show of the same name and  in The Daredevil. Check out the trailer to learn more about the show: Frank Castle aka The Punisher, portrayed by Jon Bernthal, is a dark and misunderstood antihero. If you want to dress like […]

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  • Elektra

    Elodie Yung who portrays Elektra in season 2 is Cambodian and French; in the comics, Elektra is Greek.You will find here all Elektra’s gear  and outfit from Netflix’s TV show: Elektra’s sleeveless black vest / jacket here

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  • The Daredevil

    The best replica of netflix’s daredevil mask. Available in black too. — Link automatically redirects to your country’s store —

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  • Matt Murdock

    Matt Murdock’s glasses are custom made for the show, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere. However, these are very well made replicas at an affordable price !

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  • The Masked Man

    The Masked Man, portrayed by Charlie Cox, is the unofficial vigilante costume of Daredevil. The costume that Matt Murdock initially wears in season 1 before he gets his Daredevil costume and it’s back in season 3 with a few modifications. Check out the trailer to learn more about the show: Depending on the season of […]

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