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Wolverine (Logan Movie)

Wolverine in the Logan movie is getting old and his healing factor is failing, but

Wolverine (Logan Movie)

Wolverine (Logan Movie)

Wolverine in the Logan movie is getting old and his healing factor is failing, but with his full grown beard and multiple scars he has an unparalleled style.
His new appearance is so cool, you might want to dress like Logan interpreted by Hugh Jackman and this is why we prepared this full guide.

Check out our complete guide to dress like Wolverine in the Logan movie:

Complete Logan Costume Guide


Logan Tank Top

The tank tops that Hugh Jackman wears in Logan for his Wolverine role have some space at the pectoral muscles but not too much, the "sleeves" are close to the neck and they are pretty long.
The tank tops are Fruit of the Loom Athletic Shirts.
We recommend you take one size over yours or try to stretch it a bit so it looks just like in the movie.

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Logan Shirt

The shirt that Hugh Jackman wears in Logan for his Wolverine role is light blue, has two frontal pockets, a spread collar and snap-up buttons.
It is extremely similar to the True Grit Jackson Cord shirt.
Wear it open and roll up your sleeves to mid-arm.

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Logan Jacket

The brown jacket that Hugh Jackman wears in Logan for his Wolverine role is in suede leather with two frontal pockets, a spread collar and classic buttons.
The True Grit Jackson Cord shirt is a close match that happens to be very well made.

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Logan Dog Tag

These dog tags are replicas from the Logan movie, made with high quality metal alloy.
Dog tags are the kind of small details that make the whole costume credible so don't forget to get those !

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Adamantium Claws

Wolverine's lethal weapon replica for the non-mutant human being made out of stainless steel.

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Those are classic men fashion items you probably already have, but if you don't then better late than never !
It looks like Logan wears Eastland High Fidelity Boots with a 514 Levis jean.

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If you are looking into dressing like the suited Logan (funeral and post funeral scenes)

Logan Suit Costume



Get yourself a cheap white shirt and go play soccer on a sand field or tennis on a clay court for a few hours to quickly get the same worn effect.
Then put on a regular fit suit. If you don't have one, we recommend this one, which is pretty good for the price !

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  1. Mike

    Dark Matter Props offer screen accurate that match the movie claws perfectly. Also they are safe to wear in public and allowed at conventions since they are made from durable casting resin instead of metal.

  2. Varun Parekh

    Can you tell me what sun glasses he wore when at the border crossing (red squarish ones)

  3. David

    The boots you show aren’t the ones he wears in the film. Do you know (Or can you find out) the exact make and model of the boots he wears?

    • Costume_Guide

      Boots updated, pretty sure these are the ones 🙂

  4. Ezra Klinghoffer

    You made a mistake in the jacket section.

    Also, could you do something on the shirts he has underneath the jacket?


    • Gilmoure

      Check out Reed’s Men’s Western Jean Style Suede Leather Shirt Jacket (XL, BROWN). ITs pretty well made but the buttons are kinda noisy. Had this in my closet when the kid pointed out it’s the same as Logans. Easy cosplay. Cool!

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